The REAL Mechanical Service Department is a group of professionals second to none. They work directly with owner representatives, developers, and facility maintenance staffs to provide the best possible HVAC and Refrigeration maintenance solutions for the continued operation of equipment and systems, including mechanical, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, drains, and kitchen equipment. In addition to maintenance solutions, REAL will also provide a prompt, professional response to all emergency HVAC/Refrigeration & Plumbing service calls. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, REAL is committed to providing the highest quality service for all our customers. Contact us by e-mail at:
  • REAL Mechanicals SERVICE LINE 317-846-9299
    REAL Mechanicals Service Capabilities Include:
    • 24 hour/day Emergency Mechanical Service
    • 24 hour/day Emergency Plumbing Service
    • 24 hour/day Emergency Refrigeration Service
    • Full Service Agreements
    • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
    • Service Calls
    • Replacement Parts and Components
    • Repair Labor
    • Equipment Replacement
    • Backflow Certification